Braemar Lodge Environmental Policy

Braemar Lodge is a genuine rural lodge set amid a natural environment of farm land and trees, we do not have other residential or commercial activities close by. Because of our setting we are particularly conscious of the environment.


1.We draw our own pure water free of any additives ,from a private on site secure water bore for exclusive use of the hotel.

2.We recycle all paper, cardboard, glass and other materials.

3.All our cleaning products and consumables are 100% bio degradable and environmentally compatible.

4.Where possible we source our supplies from local producers.

5.We use low energy sustainable LED lighting integrated to sensors and timers to reduce energy consumption.

6.100% of the electricity we use is sourced from renewable generation.

7.We actively manage our carbon emissions by daily management of our hot water heating systems.

8.We operate a secure independent environmentally friendly organic based waste water treatment facility.

9.We provide onsite staff accommodation for up to 12 persons to reduce travel miles and increase staff free time.

10.We pursue an active policy of re vegetation replacing non-native invasive species with compatible native plants at the lodge.

11.Braemar Lodge supports ‘Hotels for Habitats’ an international environmental outreach involved in planting trees including donating to the ‘Tree Footprints Trust (Te Tapuwae O Rakau) Port Hills re afforestation Trust..

12.We employ a heat recovery system to reduce carbon emissions in our hot water heating system.

13.We have a 300KVA stand by generator to operate in power outages and protect perishables from loss as well as securing our guests comfort.

14.Braemar Lodge has installed an EV Charger for Electric vehicles for overnight charging with provision for an additional two.

15.Braemar lodge is undertaking the installation of a 50 KW solar farm.

16.Braemar lodge is compliant with insulation codes for the Hanmer region.

17.We operate our own on site laundry to reduce travel miles.

18.We grow and use our own sustainable fire wood for our open fire.

19.We have an ongoing fully engaged and dynamic policy of reducing our carbon footprint to constantly improve our systems and would welcome any suggestions you may have.

Braemar Lodge Environmental Policy